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Solutions for Your Headaches

An Invitation to sign up for my 4-day email workshop

Congratulations on your decision to experience Headache free living. This first step can be the beginning of less pain, improved quality of life and the ability to really enjoy the activities you like.

These 4 mini-workshop papers are all based on my clinical practice of Osteopathy, a safe and scientifically proven manual therapy. They will be sent daily for 4 days.

Recognizing that your situation is unique to you I ask you to read each article over the next 4 days and pick out the suggestions that pertain to your particular needs. Based in the sciences of Anatomy and Physiology and the art of gentle palpation, each article will give you suggestions that I know can help.

Sign up now to have these white papers e-mailed directly to you. I know you will find them informative and helpful; you can unsubscribe at any time.

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