ETA Bio-Resonance Scan...Are You Ready?

I am pleased to offer a new level of healthcare in my practice. The ETA Scan detects energy imbalances in your body, allowing you to correct those imbalances, ascertain what is the cause, and thereby prevent the decline into a diseased state. 

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Why Osteopathy?

Why Osteopathic Manual Therapy? Because you are seeking a more comprehensive, integrated approach that looks at your uniqueness and provides pro-active solutions. Using Orthopedic testing and highly trained palpation skills, the functionality of your skeletal system, the soft tissues, the cranial vitality and the health of your internal organs are assessed.  If you are seeking solutions to improve your health, Osteopathic Manual Therapy is a great start!

If needed, I refer to other modalities, as they each can enhance the patient's journey toward greater health. I look forward to discussing with you how we can move into greater health and vitality. Thank you.

The Barral Institute's Visceral Manipulation Workshop

Cameron Moffatt D.O.(MP), is pleased to announce he has completed all four of the courses on visceral manipulation (VM) offered by the Barral Institute. Visceral manipulation is a manual therapy in which light, specifically focused pressure encourages a return to normal motion and tone of the internal organs and their connective tissues. These gentle realignments can have profound effects on both the symptoms and their cause.

Cameron is available for any questions and to book appointments by calling 250-704-1178. For more information on Visceral Manipulation or the Barral Institute, visit