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What is Cranial Osteopathy and when is it useful?

I recently posted an in-depth article on Cranial Osteopathy, so if you are interested after reading this, please refer to it.

People who feel that their symptoms are deeply rooted in their behaviour patterns, they react rather than act, may find this work useful. Babies born with either forceps (these are seldom used now) or vacuum extraction, would most definitely benefit from this work. My training down in San Diego at the Osteopathic Centre for Children and families reinforced my conviction of this. See www.osteopathiccentre.org. Under the 'Articles' tab, choose 'Birth Trauma- The Most Common Cause of Developmental Delays.'

Symptoms commonly seen with infants include colic, reflux, crying for no apparent reason, failure to thrive, inability to suckle.

For adults, symptoms can be varied, but the common ones are headaches, nervousness, inability to focus, any head trauma, any head, back or organ surgery.