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Are you stretching correctly?

As spring makes its presence felt, many of us head out to our favorite exercise activity. Mine is running trails. Are you stretching and when does one stretch, pre, post or during the activity?

One simple way to look at it is - warm your muscles up by gentle movements. I use my Tai-Chi warm-ups. If you are dealing with an injured muscle, stopping during the activity and stretch in a more focused way- remember though, no pain.

Post activity is a great time to open the tissue up further. Here is another thought- research has shown that when a stretch involves two or more muscle groups, your central nervous system will stretch the least tight and ignore the tight one. Therefore isolating the targeted muscle to be stretched is very important. A great book on this approach the the Stark Reality of Stretching by Dr. Stark from Vancouver. Feel free to call me with any questions.

Have fun this spring and thank you for reading this.