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Here's a great way to feel energized during our winter months!

Sometimes, the simplest things work best. Here is one example. When we cover up with all our winter clothes, our body loses some of it's detoxify through our skin. Then the lymphatic system, which is so involved with detoxifying, is stressed. When this happens we feel more sluggish, heavier and denser. One simple way to re-energize our lymphatic system is in the shower. Alternating between hot and cold water stimulates the lymphatic system, increasing circulation and enhancing the detoxification of our bodies. Also know as Kniepp therapy this form of hydrotherapy (water therapy) is common in European medical spas. Kneipp therapy was created by Bavarian Dominican priest Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897).He was one of the original founders of naturopathic medicine. 

Simply alternate between hot and cold or cool. What you are looking for is a short burst of cold to induce goose bumps. Back and forth 3-4 times is enough. When you are done you feel tingly and energized. Done daily throughout the winter is a great way to help your lymphatic and immune systems.
Here's to healthy winter!