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Are you ready for fall?

Fall is just around the corner.

A very simple yet effect way to help your body get ready for fall is to slowly start to adjust your diet. As we move into a damper season, start moving away from tropical fruit, leafy vegetables, fruit juices and other cooling foods. By slowly introducing the warming foods- root vegetables, moderate warming spices (Cinnamon, cumin, ginger, cloves), warming grains (spelt, quinoa, oats), sunflower seeds,pinenuts, and sweet brown rice you will start to aid your digestive system.

For those who use lemon juice in their morning water, consider switching to apple cider vinegar as this is more warming than lemon juice and has the same effect on the body.

Lastly, if any back ache or changes in your urination occurs, consider the possibility your kidneys are not adapting to the weather changes.

I hope this helps you have a healthy fall.