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How to deal with this damp spring.

This spring has been particularly damp and I have been seeing a greater number of people at the clinic with the symptoms of dampness. How this manifests is in several ways: lower back pain, loose stools, frequent urination, vertigo (dizziness) and a deep sense of cold, especially in the lower extremities.

Here are some simple ways to deal with these symptoms. Ginger root tea will help warm the digestive system as will cinnamon. Any of the root vegetables and warming spices will also help. Try to limit cooling foods such as fruit, leafy vegetables and sugar drinks.

Any exercise that encourages expansion and contraction of the body, as in reaching for the sky and then bending to touch the ground will encourage circulation. There are a number of yoga postures and Chi-Kung movements that will do this motion.

Hopefully the warm weather will be here soon! In the meantime, keep your internal heat up and digest your food well.

See you on the beach.