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Are you dealing with undiagnosed digestive issues?

Digestive imbalances can show up in our awareness in often strange ways. Headaches, lower and mid back (between the shoulder blades), skin rashes, emotional swings and even poor sleeping patterns are all examples of a digestive system no longer working in balance. 

The most common 'culprit' is gluten. If you notice that you do not feel good after eating any foods with gluten- think baked goods, pasta, breads many spices, process foods, then you may be dealing with an undiagnosed gluten sensitivity or outright allergy. Under the articles section here under Cameron you can read further on this subject.
Lastly, remember, an undiagnosed imbalance and their symptoms will not 'go away'. They are reminders that something is not right and leaving them will only allow further damage and lose of vitality.

Cameron Moffatt D.O.(MP)