Frequently Asked Questions

Is Osteopathy covered under Extended Health Care plans?

Yes, some plans do cover my treatment fees. It is best to contact your human resources department and ask.

How many treatments are usually needed before I see a difference?

When an issue is acute, that is recent in its development; often 2-3 treatments are needed. When an issue is chronic there are so many variables at that point it is really inappropriate for me to give a number. However, I can say that I will not over treat a person. It is my approach to treating people that by the end of the fourth or fifth treatment the patients must be feeling a difference. If not, I then refer out to another practitioner that may be of help.

What can I expect after the first treatment?

Always following the principles of Osteopathy, I treat the body as a whole. Due to this, there are times when some people feel an expansion of energy or a release of accumulated tension, leaving them feeling fatigued. It is therefore best after your first treatment to have the time and space to rest. This may last 12-36 hours.