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The ETA Scan and Parasites

Journal: victoriaosteopath.com
Date: 08 / 2017
Author: Cameron Moffatt

I am often asked if the ETA Scan can control or kill parasites. The answer is ‘yes’. Recently I was given a photograph showing the results of treating parasites with the ETA Scan.

A person who had been dealing with digestive issues for 10 years came to see me. Let’s call them M. M had seen 2 Naturopaths and their Medical doctor. All had done parasite tests and all had come back negative.

After the second Osteopathic session with me I suggested to M that ‘something’ felt out of balance in her digestive tissues and I was not sure what was causing it, as her symptoms were not improving. I suggested the ETA Scan and they agreed.

During the ETA scan, it was noted that they had parasites: tapeworms and pin worms in the small and large intestines. I treated these with the scan and several other viruses and pollutants in the digestive system.

By chance, M had a colon hydrotherapy session booked later the same day. Within the first 15 minutes of the session the therapist exclaimed ‘Oh my’ and stopped the machine. There in the glass tube just before the contents of the flush enter the machine was a dead 10 inch tapeworm. The next 30 minutes, M past 2 more tapeworms (see picture below) and a golf ball-sized bundle of pinworms.


What I find so fascinating is that the tapeworm is still intact. When using any anti-parasitic remedy, the parasite dies off and the body breaks the parasite up and is excreted out in such small sizes you often do not see them. Here, because the ETA Scan has treated the tapeworm with a counter vibration and the tapeworm has died as a result, the colon hydrotherapy flushed the parasite out intact. Within 24 hours M reported feeling significantly better!

I now recommend to anyone who I have treated for intestinal parasites that they have a colon hydrotherapy session. If you suspect you are dealing with any parasites and have been tested negative but still have your symptoms, the ETA Scan can help identify any parasites you may have.

Thank you for your interest. Please feel free to contact me Monday to Friday between 9:15-9:50 am at my office if you have any additional questions.

Have a great day!
Cameron Moffatt D.O. (MP)