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A New Approach to Health Recovery- Inner-Cellular Drainage Therapy

Date: 00 / 2015
Author: Cameron Moffatt D.O. (MP)


A whole new approach to Health- Detoxification of the cell.

Health is the ability to adapt to one’s surroundings and thereby maintain equilibrium in the body and more importantly in the cell itself.

I have seen too often people doing cleanses and reporting feeling rough while doing them; then months later reporting the same symptoms returning. Cleansing our organs is useful, cleansing the cells of those organs is better.

Symptoms are expressions of a body out of balance. The name of the disease is just that, a name. I choose to not treat the symptoms, but to look deeper in your unique situation and help your body self-regulate and heal. The symptoms are like the warning lights for your engine in your car. You can turn off the warnings lights, but there is still a problem with your engine. When you treat the disease only, you are really only dealing with the symptoms. Looking at what is causing the blockage of toxins that are preventing the body from self-healing, auto regulating and adapting is, in my opinion, a path toward true healing and intelligent medicine for the 21st century.

What is cellular drainage? It is the process of detoxifying the body by opening the channels of elimination and discharging the toxic accumulations- within the cells, not simply the organs. Primary channels are the lungs, kidneys, skin, intestines, mucous membranes and lymphatics. Secondary channels are the nose, lungs, stomach, pancreas, bladder and genitals.

So I decided, along with the manual skills I offer working on the viscera, fascia and nervous systems, I also wanted to increase the efficacy of the detoxification protocols I use. This is where Inner-Cellular Drainage comes in. It allows for the cleansing of those channels we discussed earlier and once they are opened, the cells are then drained of toxins. The process is simple and effective; drain the liver and kidneys first as these are our major organs of detoxification, increase the movement of toxins out with manual Osteopathy, effective supplements and a supportive diet and then slowly start to rebuild whatever system has been struggling until the body can self-regulate and thrive.


We have one trillion cells in our body. We have 100 trillion bacteria in our digestive tract. Try and guess how long it would take you to count to this number. Starting right now, it would take you 1572 years, that`s twenty-two generations. The influence these bacteria have on us is now only being understood. Look at http://thefoodmd.com/ by Dr. Gerard Mullin for more information. Dysbiosis is a term to describe the gut flora, or bacteria, as being out of balance. Think of a vegetable garden overrun with weeds. The by-products from pro-bacteria, the good guys, are very beneficial to us, helping create hormones and assimilating our vitamins, whereas the bad bacteria, their by-products are harmful, even producing neuro-toxins that can give you what is called ‘brain fog’. Simply taking months worth of probiotics will not work if your system is overloaded with toxins. A point worth mentioning here is the rising incident of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). Canada has the highest rate, 35% of our population, due to, many people are suspecting, canola oil. So, if the liver is not functioning well, any attempt to repair damaged or toxic systems, i.e. the digestive tract, will fail as a result of the liver not being able to both detoxify waste and provide adequate bile to help break down fat, before it reaches the colon and the kidneys not be able to effectively filter these waste out of the blood.

This is a 4 step process, with 3-4 weeks between each visit. On the first visit we will discuss your goals and what you need to achieve them. I will assess the state of your organs using my Osteopathic manual skills and address any issues noted. The protocols will be clearly discussed and what you will need to do at home. I ask people to call me during this 4 month process if they have questions as it is very important to adhere to the process. Visits 2-4 can be a half-hour visits to help with costs, if there are no physical dysfunctions that need manual intervention, if there are then an hour appointment will be needed.