An Osteopath in Victoria...Welcome!

Cameron is a graduate of the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, and is a member of the Society of Manual Practice Osteopathy here in B.C.

Annual Gluten-Free Wellness Conference. Come out Feb 22, 2014 to this information packed conference. Cameron will be presenting ways to heal and restore vitality to the digestive system and simple yet effective suggestions that you can use at home. go to :


Osteopathic Therapy is manual therapy based in the sciences of anatomy and physiology. It is proven to be safe and effective, focusing on the whole body, not the symptoms. Assessments and treatments seek to find the underlying cause of your symptoms thereby allowing you to move more freely, enjoy life better and empower yourself in your own health-care plan. Any disturbance in your structure, the skeleton, or the soft tissue systems, organs or muscles  have the potential to greatly disturb your health. Each person is treated with the application of an individualized Osteopathic Treatment plan.

If needed, I refer to other modalities, as they each can enhance the patient's journey toward greater health. If you want to move beyond your symptoms, an Osteopathic session may be what you need.

The Barral Institute's Visceral Manipulation Workshop

Cameron Moffatt D.O.(MP), is pleased to announce he has completed all four of the courses on visceral manipulation (VM) offered by the Barral Institute. Visceral manipulation is a manual therapy in which light, specifically focused pressure encourages a return to normal motion and tone of the internal organs and their connective tissues. These gentle realignments can have profound effects on both the symptoms and their cause.

Cameron is available for any questions and to book appointments by calling 250-477-1441. For more information on Visceral Manipulation or the Barral Institute, visit