ETA Scan- Discovering the Cause.

This innovative computer system analyzes the effects of pollutants and toxins in your body and its biological systems. Believed by many healthcare specialists to be the future of medical assessment, its advanced software allows you to see which pathogen, food allergy or pollutants are damaging the vitality of your body's systems. Removing the identified toxins allows your body to return to full vitality. This saves you time, costs and gives you a clear picture on the root cause of your symptoms.



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Why Osteopathy?

Why Osteopathic Manual Therapy? Because you are seeking a more comprehensive, integrated answer for your symptoms. You deserve to feel great and enjoy your life to its fullest. You work hard at home and at your job. So you expect the best possible healthcare when life's demands limit your ability to feel vibrant and care for those you love. Using my hands to palpate for blockages in your tissues, whether in the blood flow, nerve pathways or even in the fluid of the brain, I use subtle and focused manipulations to release these blockages. Your symptoms are not the main problem, the cause of your symptoms are. I treat the cause.

If you are seeking solutions to improve your health, Osteopathic Manual Therapy is a great start!

If needed, I refer to other modalities, as they each can enhance your journey toward greater health. I look forward to discussing with you how we can move you into greater health and vitality. I look forward to meeting with you.

Bio-Therapeutic Drainage

Your healthcare concerns are unique and require an individualized approach. Developed in Europe, Bio-Therapuetic Drainage recognizes we are multifaceted, with physical, emotional and energetic layers that must be treated to realize any meaningful and lasting health. Acknowledging that our bodies are dealing with an enormous toxic load, this approach drains the toxins from within the cell. Hence the term 'drainage'. Also recognizing that patterns, often from childhood, in how you manage stress must be considered. To do this homepathic remedies are used to balance the central nervous system and create a better stress response. Lastly,  plant-based remedies are used to heal your body's tissues and regain vitality and balance.

Each protocol is unique as you are. No two are alike. If you have a health concern that is persistant and you are not finding resolution, this approach treats the core issue. You deserve to feel joy and health with your body. Thank you for reading this. I look forward to working with you. Cameron



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